Enneagram & Essence of Truth

Presented by Swami Purnananda

masks smallAbout The Enneagram

“When we were in our formative years, we had to respond to the demands that came from our parents. In forming a strategy, we developed a compulsion based drive that formed the corner stone of our personality and a habitual response to life. The Enneagram postulates that this presents 9 personality types and it provides a systematic map of them. By understanding our type we can grow and by understanding other types, we have the means to understand and empathize with them.”

Swami Purnananda

masks smallAbout The Essence of Truth

“Understanding the persona, or mask is one thing, but real growth occurs from the realization of the Truth that sits behind the mask and being attuned to that. The course interweaves both of these aspects and provides the basis for genuine change and development."

Swami Purnananda

masks smallAbout Swami Purnananda 

Spiritual director & founder of Eire Vedanta
Society the Swami has over 45 years of
experience in the theoretical and practical
application of philosophy and psychology, the
Swami writes and lectures widely.


What people say:

Self Discovery
“I began to understand the nature of why I behave as I behave and that that is only a small aspect of who I am.
This has fundamentally changed the way I look at life and my role in it.” Jeff Delmar

Relationships with Others

“Others cannot believe the change in me and my new attitude towards them. I have much more love and understanding for those around me.” Patrick Scallan


“Knowing where I am now and exactly where I am going has provided me with faith in my abilities and enabled me to step out confidently.” Bhavna Kara


“Everything has become clear to us. We respect others’ beliefs and feel that our lives have been enriched beyond measure.” Peter & Fergie George

Personal Development

“This unique system has enabled me to grow and develop. I have accomplished much more than I had ever dared to. It was just what I was looking for.” Christianne Stolhofer

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Course Duration: Normally over 2 weekends

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